Our Reviews

Big thank you. - by Dec 2022
I did want to say a big thank you. Your patience with the kids is admirable and I enjoy watching Daniel progress and improve his skills. Thank you.
Awesome - by Nov 2019
You and your coaches are doing an awesome job. From a parent of a child who is excited ALL week long for Friday night, I thank you for that excitement and opportunity for him. And thank you for giving up YOUR time for them-:)
Loved the class - by Jan 2019
I'm a very involved parent If I'm ever to loud or say too much please let me know. I wanted to say loved the class. What is the name of the other coach? Loved loved both of your coaching. Thank you !
Thank you for the wonderful work - by Jan 2019
Good morning thank you for the wonderful work you are doing with the kids. I cannot get the the happy little faces out of mind, you and your team are surely making a difference in their lives and l think it will stay with them for ever. My little Marcus is very happy and always look forward to coming.
Thank you - by Dec 2018
Thank you for all the work you and your coaches put into these kids, Alex is loving it.
So Glad! - by Nov 2018
I just wanted to say that your dedication to this club is admirable. So glad we found this for our daughter!
Great Program - by August 2018
Carlton my son loved the program and has learned a lot and is looking forward to your fall program. Your program is one of the least expensive that we have done but he has learned more in your program than any of the others. You and your team are awesome!
Loved it - by August 2018
Your summer basketball program was great and well organized. Jackson loved it and is already looking forward to next summer.
Thank you so much! - by Mar 2018
Thank you so much! Ethan had a blast today. You guys did an amazing job and we look forward to signing up for the summer
Well organized - by Mar 2018
Thanks again for letting the kids participate @ Kid Ballers. They had a great time. It was well organized and they had so much fun.